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Preview of leaflet Halloween is coming from shop Dollarama is valid from Oct. 05, 2020

Halloween is coming

from Monday Oct. 05, 2020


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When it comes to saving money, Canadian shoppers turn to Dollarama for a variety of grocery, hardware, craft, electronic, garden, health and beauty needs. Dollarama is the ultimate store for an unbeatable selection of affordable, everyday items, most priced at just one dollar. Dollarama is an essential stop when you’re looking for items you use regularly. Browse the Dollarama flyer Oct. 05, 2020 here.

With something for everyone, Dollarama packs their store and their Dollarama circulaire with unbeatable deals. Check the specials in the Dollarama flyers and see how you can get more for less. You’ll save on good quality merchandise, at great prices. Browse the Dollarama catalogue and discover why so many Canadian shoppers check Dollarama prices first. Why spend lots of money on items you can get at Dollarama for a fraction of the cost. Check the October Dollarama flyer here before you head off to the store.

Canadians who shop at Dollarama get so much more for less!

Founded in 1992 by Canadian entrepreneur, Larry Rossy, Dollarama is a household name. With over 1000 stores and locations in every Canadian province and top cities such as Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, Halifax and Edmonton, Dollarama is Canada’s largest retailer of items that cost four dollars or less.

The goal of Dollarama has always been, and continues to be, to offer Canadians compelling value on goods they use regularly. When you want to save money on pantry staples, pet supplies, gardening tools, hardware, electronics, stationery or baby basics, turn to Dollarama first and check out the latest Dollarama flyers.

You’ll find this value retailer in the Other section on this website. Be sure to bookmark this site so you never miss an opportunity to save. To find the location of your local Dollarama store, along with opening hours and company information, please visit Dollarama’s official website

Dollarama is synonymous with savings!

Dollarama offers customers an enjoyable shopping experience and incredible value on a broad assortment of general merchandise, consumables and seasonal items. In addition to buying single units, products are often available in bulk, at fixed prices. This makes Dollarama an ideal shop when entertaining. You can get everything from party décor to gifts, greeting cards, napkins, dinner plates, balloons and centerpieces. Browse the current Dollarama Halloween is coming flyer today and start adding up the savings. You’re bound to find something you want or need, at an unbeatable price.

If, for some reason, you don’t find what you’re looking for in a Dollarama flyer, you can check similar shops such as LCBO, Henry's, Fabricland, Chapters Indigo, Canadian Tire, Bulk Barn, Babies’R’Us. When you take advantage of all the amazing deals in the Dollarama flyer 43, 2020, you’ll have extra money in your pocket to spend elsewhere. It’s a win-win!